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    --------------------------------------What We Do------------------------------------

    Do you have a headache from trying to correctly choose from a long list of food ingredients provided from an overwhelming amount of suppliers?

    Are you fed up with suppliers marking up prices for food ingredients because of their own, unjustifiable internal costs?

    Are you confused by the ingredient's specifications descriptions and how to properly apply them?

    Are you tired of waiting for shipments updates that you requested several days, weeks before?

    Do you truly care about the points mentioned above? Would you not want to work with a company that can offer great customer service?

    Redwood Biotech understands these concerns, which is why our specialization in the food industry as well as our customer-oriented service can remove all your worries and stress away.

    We are a company that puts the customer first, making sure that the customer receives top quality product while receive great customer service.

    Redwood Biotech specializes in providing Superior Food Ingredients and additives.

    Redwood Biotech makes unique not difference. Redwood Biotech makes only what you want and cares about what you need.

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